May I have your autograph?

On Monday November 5th, during lunch kit horrors (daily school prep with Superhero) my phone started ringing, I started to rush for it mumbling “who could be calling me during lunch kit horrors, this better be an emergency”.  When I looked at the caller-id it was someone who only calls when they’re having issues with their tablet…after hesitating for a bit I answered.

ME: Good morning.

CALLER: I just picked up a newspaper and you’re in it.

ME: WHAT?  ME?  What are you talking about?

CALLER:  You are in the Digicel ad in the Observer paper.

ME: Oh yeahhhh!  He used IT! (remembering Troy asked me for a photo on Friday)…my first thought was did he get it airbrushed like I requested?!?!…Taking photos is very painful for me…I always manage to screw it up…my best photos are the ones snapped when I’m not looking.

After a few more pleasantries the called ended and my Superhero who overheard the convo started bugging me to check my e-mail to see if the daily newspaper was delivered.   I didn’t need anything getting in the way of lunch kit horrors so I snapped at him to finish getting dressed for school (felt really bad after).  I tried not to think about the photo but checked my phone to look at what I sent Troy…thinking to myself …it’s not bad…BUT!

On the way to school I pulled up the newspaper using my new 4G phone (oh I’m no longer giving it to Superhero, I’ve given him the Blackberry and switched my data-plan) but didn’t see the ad so I assumed it must be an insert in the paper…made a mental note to buy a paper when I got into town…of course I forgot until I got the following message via Facebook:

I was super excited now to see a paper…”WOW…I’m famous LOL, let’s not forget cute pic too…heehee.

So I went in search of a paper and ran into Troy who said he’ll get me one…which he did…thanks Troy ;-).  Nervously I opened the paper and there on the first page is my photo…”OMG the front page…seriously…WHY?!?!”   I inspected the picture for faults, checking to see if spinach or something was in my teeth, was my smile too big, it my collar straight…(I’m my worse critic)…hmmm…you can’t do anything about it now…it is there in full colour and print for everyone to see…oh well…oh look there Trip Antigua got a mention…whoo hoo (if you haven’t yet like us —>>

Now enough about me being famous…let’s talk about the extraordinary-ness (<—not a word) of Digicel’s 4G LTE Home Internet.  Between my Superhero and myself we have tested the service up the wazoo and back, with my Superhero using it for gaming, Youtube and Netflix with no cries of despair.  With multiple devices connected at once, laptop, desktop, phone, Kindle, tablet and PSP.  We also tested the tethering/hotspot option on the Alcatel phone and in under 25 minutes uploaded 97 photos to Facebook.

I must say I’m very impressed and happy with the speed, signal strength…almost forgot I was taking pics and tweeting at Pillars of Hercules with my the little Alcatel phone with excellent signal strength…now that is extraordinary-ness.

Pillars of Hercules…yep we were that close

Pillars of Hercules…it was worth trekking barefoot over sharp rocks

Look there’s no need to think twice about it just upgrade your mobile to 4G and make the switch to 4G Lte Internet…I’m loving my new and extraordinary relationship with Digicel 😉


So as most of you know I’ve been using and testing Digicel’s 4G Mobile and LTE Internet modem all week.  However, I’ve employed the services of my 8yr old to assist with testing the 4G phone and LTE home internet on his PSP.  We’ve entered into a handshake contract that if he completes all his school assignments and chores without any complaints he can have the phone.

So last Saturday he spent 5 hours on YouTube watching cheat code videos (don’t ask) on the phone and on his PSP.  In between he was constantly Googling and searching for more games and codes.  At no time did  I hear any outcries of despair because of connectivity issues.

Later when he was just about nodding off he says ‘Mummy that’s a cool phone and it is awesome I can access YouTube from the PSP.  I didn’t cry at all today…aren’t you proud of me?  That phone is going to be MINE…ALL MINE!” *throws hands in air*

Hmmm…yeah yeah ah know ya’ll wanna hear about how he’s such a great lo__r but this is not about HIM, as he doesn’t really like me blogging and putting our stuff out there all the time.

This is about a new and fresh relationship and it is one I can kiss and tell about…actually it is not really that new you can say we’ve had a love/hate relationship over the past 5 years…but no one wants to leave…ya’ll know what I’m talking about.

It started with a Facebook message to urgently call Troy from Digicel…well first I was like “URGENT”…was he calling me about my recent blast of Digicel on Facebook and Twitter or did I say something publicly somewhere?  Anyone who knows me knows that it no holds bar about customer service in Antigua and Digicel has been on the receiving end many times.  So I called and he asked if I would be willing to test the LTE internet device and one of their 4G phones.   Of course I asked if he’s aware that I’ve blasted Digicel on FB and Twitter and he said yeah and he understands.  So I said YES  not because I was curious about testing the products but because they were willing to take the risk with a loose cannon 😉

After hanging up from Troy all excited now I called Mario, Sharon and posted a few messages on FB and Twitter – YAY THEY PICKED ME!  Yeah I was gloating a lil’.

So  I went to Digicel’s office and collected my little Red & White bag (Christmas came early this year – Digicel’s colours are christmas…ish) signed something I didn’t read…NOT GOOD – should’ve check to see if it included a disclaimer about no bad talking….hmmm hey Troy can I see that paper again please….LOL!

Anyhow got home and immediately plugged in the LTE internet and within a minute I was connected and working on clean…I’m a web developer and social media marketer so internet is crucial to my daily job function.

I uploaded a new website and at no time did my ftp connection got interrupted….so far I’m liking the LTE box.

I was also given an Alcatel 4G phone, but my Superhero’s (Aidan my 8yr old son hence the name of the blog) SIM card is in the phone so he’ll be doing most of the testing…he promises video blogs as he really hates writing.

I did however test Foursquare, Pinterest and YouTube some of the social media platforms  I work with on the phone and it was seamless….no buffering of YouTube videos…SWEET…some additional to distract The Kid with.

All in all no complaints….LOL!

I must admit I am truly looking forward to my mending my relationship with Digicel…however the kissing and telling will prolly end 😉

10 Aidan FREE days!

I am currently doing my happy dance.  My Superhero is gone to his dad for 10 days.

I get 10 days:

  • Free of no Aidan stop, no Aidan don’t, Aidan stop jumping on my bed etc etc etc
  • Free of breakfast, lunch and dinner wars
  • I get the MY bed to myself
  • Control of my remote control – I can now watch Law & Order marathons without having to switch in between commercials to Disney XD and Spongebob
  • Free of sweeping up crumbs and wiping mud from the floors (it has been raining a lot lately and he likes playing outside)

Doing my happy dance…..

“I can’t believe you are doing this to me again.  This is the second time I’m not going to have a present at the Christmas Party.  You’re going to scar me for life!”

Yes those were the words used by my seven year old when I told him I forgot to get him a present for the Christmas Party at school.  I didn’t forget but was only teasing him because I didn’t want him to see what I got for him.  He started passionately crying, throwing his hands all over mumbling over and over again that he can’t believe I am doing this to him again.  Now poor me was sitting there confused because I am sure last Christmas I did get him a present for the party along with preparing some sort of finger food.  But the child was adamant that I didn’t get him a gift and he began to look like he was about to have heart failure so I finally admitted that I did get him a present but he wasn’t going to see it until the class party.

After this tirade he then reminds me that I need to make the breaded drummettes that night and not in the morning because he didn’t want to be late for school.  Being late for school is very unlikely since a taxi picks him up every day at 7:15 and takes him to school. (I have no idea why I always have to contribute something that requires me to cook – I HATE COOKING; I’ve got lots of paper cups, plates, forks etc that I could send…SMH)

Later that night whilst I was sleeping my Mother woke to give  me some money to go buy Aidan a present.  She was nearby when he was crying and she probably thought I didn’t have any money to get him something.   I told her I already got him something and that is was on the closet.  I guess she missed the part when I told him I got him a present.

And you know he forgot the present at school….the driver had to turn back to get it….hmmm

Empty Your Pockets

“Wait a minute!  What do you have in your pockets?” this is my question to my Rugrat daily as he leaves for school and of course his response is always “Nothing” until you ask the question about 3 times.

On a daily basis you would be amazed at the things he can fit into his uniform pant pockets.  Some of the items he attempts to smuggle out of the house does not make any sense either.   Here’s a list of things you can find in his pockets on a daily basis:

  • my cellphone
  • his psp
  • a wheel from one of his truck
  • batteries
  • remote controls
  • hot wheels
  • puzzle pieces
  • The Lion King DVD

Now after the drill down he may leave for school with empty pockets and one would think by now that I would be prepared for anything that I may find in his pockets when he returns from school.  I’ve had the pleasure of finding:

  • lizard heads and tails
  • chewed gum
  • leaves, stones, mud (well I think its mud)
  • a dead frog
  • rusted screws and nails (I really hope they weren’t removed from any columns, walls or furniture at school he likes to take apart things)
  • ribbons and slides (he blushes whenever I ask who they belong to)


Awkward Pregnancy

It was the night of the Rotary Colours Fete and I decided I wasn’t going to go again.  A friend of mine had just returned from surgery and the mindset about going out to have fun was not there anymore.  So after visiting with her for a couple of hours I came home to find my son all camped out in the living room with my mother.  Earlier in the week he said he was going to stay up all night and watch television a mission which he has failed as he falls asleep within 5 minutes of setting up his camp.

So I decided to chill with him and my mother and watch television.  I don’t recall exactly what show we were watching because I was bbming people who were asking me where I was and what time I was coming to the Colours Fete.

And then this happens……

AIDAN: Mummy if you and Grandma were pregnant at the same time that would be awkward (and when he said the word awkward he used air parenthesis for emphasis)

I stopped in mid typing flabbergasted, bewildered, dumbfounded and unsure how to respond.  I looked at my mum and her faced mirrored the same look on my face.  I decided not to comment as I didn’t know what to say and still don’t know what to say.

Both my Mum and I have shared this story with family and friends and they are all just as bewildered and cannot provide any advice.  For now I am going to leave it alone.

*Sidenote: Me being pregnant alone would be awkward.

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